Thursday, June 16, 2005

EOSJ Blog has launched!

Welcome to the Enterprise Open Source Journal Blog!

The EOSJ Blog will provide you with the opportunity to review, reflect, and comment upon open source news and the perspectives of a diverse group of open source professionals. This is not a passive exercise - we encourage you to post your comments and engage in a dialogue with the EOSJ bloggers and each other.

I am Raven Zachary, the Senior Technical Editor & Consulting Industry Analyst for Enterprise Open Source Journal (EOSJ), and Principal of o*rev, an enterprise open source consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas. I will be one of the regular bloggers here, and hope that you will find benefit from the information I intend to share. As the editor of EOSJ's weekly Open Source Update eNewsletter, it is important to me that we provide value to you between the issues (that is to say, the magazine issues). Both in the Open Source Update and in the EOSJ Blog, our goal is to present open source news and analysis in a timely manner.

Over the course of the coming weeks and months, the EOSJ Blog will grow to include perspectives from a number of respected members of the open source community. It is my hope that you will find this diverse group of opinions to be worthwhile and deserving of your involvement, whether it is as a passive reader or an active participant (we prefer the active involvement!).

Thank you for taking time to read the EOSJ Blog, and please check back regularly for interesting news and perspectives on the fast-growing open source environment.

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