Saturday, March 11, 2006

Live from the Bar Camp Austin Pre-Party

The Bar Camp Austin Pre-Party was a huge success. At peak, we had 60 people in attendance (and over 100 through the doors). I was able to spend time with the WordPress development team (Matt, Rob, Andy, etc.), Tantek from Technorati, Decibel from PostgreSQL, Chris from Flock, Tara from Riya, whurley from Qlusters (and the organizer of the event), and a host of others. The WordPress meetup, corresponding with Bar Camp Austin at The Thistle Cafe, should make for a fantastic event.

If you're in Austin on Saturday for SWSXi or happen to live here, I highly recommend visiting Bar Camp Austin on Saturday. We'll be there from 9am Saturday until probably 3am Sunday morning.

The photo is of the Bar Camp Austin badge and t-shirt.


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