Monday, November 07, 2005

The Open Source Update #32

Compiled weekly by Raven Zachary for Enterprise Open Source Journal (EOSJ)

[CORRECTION: In our EOSJ Update last week, we incorrectly named Carl Ledbetter as the new CEO of OpenLogic. The new CEO of OpenLogic is Steven Grandchamp, and Carl Ledbetter has joined the OpenLogic Board of Directors.]


NOVELL, UNISYS TO INCREASE FOCUS ON OPEN SOURCE. Novell announces a restructuring, and Unisys announces a realignment, to increase their respective focuses on open source solutions.

ORACLE ANNOUNCES FREE DATABASE. Oracle announces a free database product, Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (XE), for both Linux and Windows. Usage is limited to one CPU, one GB RAM, and four GB of data. Although Express Edition is not open source, this move by Oracle may be intended to place pressure on open source database providers.

LINUX STANDARD BASE ACHIEVES ISO STANDARD. The Linux Standard Base (LSB), a workgroup of the Free Standards Group (FSG), achieves unanimous approval by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) as an international standard.

CEPR RELEASES RESEARCH PAPER ON SOFTWARE FUNDING ALTERNATIVES. The Center for Economic Policy and Research (CEPR), a non profit economic research and education organization, releases a research paper entitled "Opening Doors and Smashing Windows: Alternative Measures for Funding Software Development," which looks at alternatives for funding software development, including the creation of government-funded software corporations.

MOZILLA CORPORATION LAUNCHES FIREFOX COMPETITION. Mozilla Corporation, the commercial subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, launches a competition to extend the functionality of the open source Firefox web browser.

A collection of open source editorials, opinions, and blog entries from around the world.

The Yin and Yang of Open Source Commerce, Part 1
John Terpstra

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Plateau or Bubble?
Amy Newman and Brian Proffitt

No Respect for Windows Open Source
Shaun Walker

Memo to Microsoft: Make Vista a Web Service, Too
Gary Beach

Oracle doesn't get it: open source is not a price tag
Matt Asay

Do you really want to hear the latest in the SCO-IBM case?
Dana Blankenhorn

Linux Thoughts
Greg Raiz

Stop the Software Patent Madness Now
Steven Vaughan-Nichols

Open Source Invades the Enterprise
Matt Rand

Sun offers open-source risk disclaimer
Stephen Shankland

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Active Endpoints
Active Endpoints Achieves Key Open Source Milestones

ActiveState Ships Komodo 3.5 With Full Ruby Support For Mac OS X

Alfresco releases first Open Source Enterprise Content Management Solution

Black Duck
Black Duck Releases Version 3.0 of its protexIP/development Software Compliance Management System

Upgrade for Free Eclipse RIA Plug-in

Centennial Books
PMD Applied Generating a Fast Following

Intensive Silicon Valley Session to Assemble Largest Gathering of Leading Open Source CMS Developers

Government and Public Service IT Leaders to Convene for Seminar Focusing on Open Source Solutions

Open Source Community Endorses Continuent

EnterpriseDB Corporation Releases New Version of Enterprise-Class Database

FreeBSD Project Launches FreeBSD 6.0 - Raises the Bar for Open Source Operating Systems

Free Standards Group (FSG)
The LSB Achieves ISO Approval as International Standard

Funambol's Open Source Portal to Deliver Wireless Data Synchronization Regardless of User Location or Platform

Harvestroad Partners with US Leading Open Source Application Software Company The rSmart Group

Levanta Releases MapFS Code To Open Source Community

Mozilla Corporation
Mozilla Kicks Off "Extend Firefox" Competition

Nokia fosters mobile innovation through open source development

Novell Announces Restructuring to More Closely Align Expenses with Core Business Strategy

ObjectWeb to Propagate Open Source Best Practices to Chinese Public & Private Sectors

Open-Xchange Inc. Names UK Distributor

OpenLogic Announces Software Veteran Steven L. Grandchamp as CEO and Closes New Investment From UV Ventures

Oracle Unveils Free Database - Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

Packt Publishing
Make Your PHP Application Development More Efficient with PHPEclipse

Red Hat
Red Hat's Open Source Architecture Evolves to Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Sage N Research
Sage-N Sorcerer Integrates ISB's Open Source Proteomics Tools Plug-and-Play Appliance Provides Complete Analysis Workflow for High-Throughput Proteomics

Signate Announces PBX Management Software for Telephone Service Providers

Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC)
Software Freedom Law Center Appoints Two New Attorneys to Defend and Support Free and Open Source Software

Sun Facilitates Interoperability Between Java Technology and .NET Via Open Source Web Services Implementations

Unisys Announces Strategy Aimed at Driving Profitable Growth

Virtuas Announces Support Offerings For Geronimo Open Source Project


Open Source Database Conference 2005
Frankfurt, Germany
November 8-9, 2005

International PHP Conference
Frankfurt, Germany
November 6-9, 2005

Gartner Open Source Summit
Orlando, FL, USA
December 7-9, 2005

ApacheCon US 2005
San Diego, CA, USA
December 10-14, 2005

Open Source in the Enterprise
San Francisco, CA, USA
January 23-25, 2006


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