Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's time for a moblog

It's time for a moblog. With my Sony Ericsson K790a (Amazon) phone on order, I will have the ability to post photos from my phone directly to Blogger (as you can see in the photo with this post). I should be receiving my K790a in a week or two - the phone is just now being released in the United States.

This site,, used to be my open source blog. I retired the site in April with the launch of The 451 Group's open source blog - 451 CAOS Theory. I am resurrecting this site for use as my moblog because the K790a has built-in support for posting to Blogger. While my preference would be to post photos directly to my Wordpress-powered personal blog or to my Flickr account, the easiest solution will likely be to post here.

I will leave the historical open source blog entries posted here to support the existing links out there.


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